Eureka The Butcher - Music For Mothers

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Eureka The Butcher - Music For Mothers


MUSIC FOR MOTHERS by Eureka The Butcher

Limited Edition run of 200 High-Bias cassette tape

Solid Goldenrod Tape Shell w/ Black Ink

Multi-instrumentalist Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez puts his beat chopping skills on the map with his debut, Music for Mothers, through his alter ego solo act, Eureka the Butcher. Known as a familiar face and former member of The Mars Volta and one of the founding members of Zechs Marquise, Marcel has been on the road touring around the world for the past decade or so as a Grammy Award winning keyboardist, percussionist, and drummer. With his live counterpart and dancer, Sarah Luna, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez sought out to use Eureka the Butcher as his personal solo platform to dabble and experiment with cutting up and engineering unique beats along with being able to perform outside of the full band work that has represented his career. As he claims, this record, thus, is a compilation of his persistent work while on tour with many different acts. More specifically, this record is dedicated to his mother, Frances Sarah Rodriguez-Lopez, for her devoted love, inspiration and musical influence on him, which proves to be the personal driving force of many of these tracks and Marcel’s solo career.

Released March 18, 2016

All Music Written, Performed, Engeniered, Produced and Mixed by Marcel-Rodriguez Lopez.

Mastered by Daddy Kev at Cosmic Zoo

Album artwork by Zeke Peña

Thank you: My Mom, My Dad, My Brothers, My Artists and all my other family and friends. You're all mine.