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SPEAKPANTHER - Speak & Dream Panther

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SPEAKPANTHER by Speak & Dream Panther

Special guest Production by:
Nick Kosearas, Brittney Carranza, Brainstory, DIVKFINGERZ, Olive Sheran, Cutt Moods, & Christopher einsHtein Grey

Recorded at Dragon Lair Studios in Los Angeles
Engineered by Micromax RSL
Mixed by Gregg Sheran at Don Pantera Publishing

Artwork by Jay Fury

Released February 24, 2017

Thank you god and family for the love and support. Thank you haters for making me stronger. Thank you Gjusta, LA’s Finest Collective, Honey Bee’s House of Breakfast, and Leo’s Tacos for keeping me sauced.

Thank you to my father, Don Ygnacio Negrete. You are my biggest inspiration and my idol. Thank you to Gopi (for always putting up with my bullshit and helping me when I've royally fucked up). Ty Bernard, the voice of reason I hear in my head when I'm about to do something stupid. Daniela. I'll always love you curly top. Vince. Syd. Jimbo. Cholo. Jorge. Reem, Manny, Nikko,
Weston, Dre B, CJ, Big C..UTB forever. Anney, you are my hero and I love you.
Let the booty rise 2k17~infinity. Chino, Twish, Edgarin, El Baby. Mi vatos por vida.
Gracias por todo hermanos. Gachi, Verica, Marty, Joel, Isabella, Fran, Yung Ultra. Thank you for your undying support.
Mexico City I love you forever. You changed me. Fudd I'm going to kill you.
Caleb! Sexquest 4 soon mane. Liv. Panther!!! We did it Greg!