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Kenny Segal - Kenstrumentals Vol. 2

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KENSTRUMENTALS VOL. 2: Summer Rarities by Kenny Segal

Kenny Segal, the Maryland-born DJ/producer, moved to L.A. in 1997 and has been making beats for your favorite rapper ever since. His early career in music was under a DNB alias 'Syndakit' and he quickly became a regular performer at Daddy Kev's event Konkrete Jungle, the predecessor to the well known and massively influential Low End Theory club night in Los Angeles. Segal produced classics for a laundry list of Project Blowed and Freestyle Fellowship rappers, as well as scores of the current Art Rap generation including: Abstract Rude, Busdriver, Milo, Dr. Oop, Aceylone, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, Peace, Phoenix Orion, Myka 9, 2Mex and more.

With all of these songs under his belt one must wonder what Kenny Segal does with his countless Instrumentals. Dome of Doom Records is releasing "Kenstrumentals Vol. 2: Summer Rarities" 8/19 on all digital platforms and as a limited edition cassette tape. The album focuses on Segal's production and features brand new material made at the artists home studio in Los Angeles. On Kenstrumentals Vol. 2 Kenny draws on some familiar names in new unexpected ways, having Busdriver lay down omnichord on "Afternoon Hangs with Carmack, Elos and Driver" and recreating a flawless instrumental version of "Worlds to Run" with Mr. Carmack on Horns and Mike Parvizi playing guitar.

Kenny's productions continue to permeate Los Angeles music and this newest album is an up close and personal listen to the artists creative process and if you pay attention can serve as a sort of musical map of Los Angeles and beyond.