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Eraserfase - Obsoletism

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Limited Edition Cassette tape reissue of "Eraserfase - Obsoletism" for International Cassette Store Day

'Obsoletism' is the marriage of synths, samples and live instrumentation... set to a backdrop of swingy, un-quantized drums...
It is a year of my life crammed into just under an hour of music.

For this project, I made 90+ tracks, and pulled in contributions from some of the most badass musicians I know. after mixing it all down, I sent it to Daddy Kev for mastering and TFail for cover art.

This album was originally released independently in the summer of 2013

Written Produced Recorded and Mixed by Eraserfase
Lyrics/Vocal melody on tracks 3 and 6 by La Mer
Mastered by Daddy Kev
Art and Design by T.S. Claire